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We are deeply saddened to hear of the Passing of Michael "BLIND MIKE" Simmonds. Mike was a staple in the community and in the professional world of comedy. He was a fixture here at the Park Town Hotel for many years. Holding the prestigious title of "EMCEE" in our Comedy Club, Mike captivated the audiences weekly and entertained the masses. Mike was a HUGE FAN of our hotel's chicken wings! We are told he just couldn't get enough. We racked our minds trying to find a creative way to celebrate our dear friends memory and decided to commit Mike to our menu...permanently. We thought that it would be a great way to keep his memory alive, and that people would surely talk about him every time they scanned the page. As such, in honour of Mike and his love of our Chicken Wings, we have named a new flavour after him! You can now try BLIND MIKE'S BOOMIN' BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS. They're loud, spicy and saucy enough to make the people you're with laugh every time you eat one! We wish Mike was here to taste this inspired creation. We wish Mike's friends and family the very best during this difficult time. Thank you Mike for all the years of laughter.

Here is a little bit about Mike.

Ever since someone stole his cup and pencils, Mike Simmonds has lit up the stage with his unique perspective as a blind comedian. The only thing uniting each of Mike's performances is laughter ~ plenty of it.

Mike's show covers a full range of topics including smoking, sports, relationships, traveling and a look into the world of the blind. Audiences everywhere applaud his inimitable style of tying life's moments together and his remarkable impressions ("Jim" from Taxi, "the Champ", Jack Nicholson, Sting, Bill Clinton and more), all designed to keep you entertained and laughing. Find out the only province that still lets him drive and witness his resurrection of Dean Martin, George Burns and Howard Cosell (he can raise the dead!). Theres music too with his "Harmonica Orchestra" (...well he is blind you know).

Do blind people really play hockey? Yes, and it's as entertaining and unusual as you can expect when Mike relates the game. It's "heads up" laughter as the NHL comes to play any time of year. Find out the truth about Mike's high sticking infraction which led to a two week suspension from a major grocery chain. Mike is also the driving force behind, a comedy fundraising show, that tours Canada rasing money for hockey teams.

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